Friday, July 13, 2012

Cleaning, Accounts and Future Plans

Yet another very wet and miserable day, the flip side being what a great day for giving the boat a good clean up, Elaine started at the bow, I started at the stern and we met in the middle, it was quite satisfying giving her a good old going over, (The boat not Elaine).

Next we had a look at how we were going on the financial front, bottom line was that we are spending a bit too much but not over the top. We put this down to being a new experience and still being  in the holiday mood, we go out to a pub nearly every night and eat out 2 or 3 times a week, it is just so much cheaper than living in Oz!

As for the future plans, we have booked into Aston Marina for the winter, I think we are just a bit too girly to man it out on the cut. It also means that we will be able to leave the boat in safety whilst we visit friends and relos who don't live near the canal.

Lastly we want to start planning life after living on a narrow boat. Our original plan was to either buy a little cottage and sample life in an English village or if we hated  it in the UK return to Oz and pick up where we left off. Upshot is we absolutely love it here so returning to Oz is out of the question barring some sort of financial disaster! We have also decided that we also don't want to settle in a village either just yet so our latest plan is after we sell the boat, buy a nice campervan, and travel around the rest of the UK and Ireland plus have a good look around Europe. This will also help us to decide where we do want to settle down, who knows where we could end up. We have to start planning now, as the living on a narrowboat plan was a 5+ year plan in the making!

Its now 6.15pm on a Friday night so we are going to move a couple of miles down the canal where there is a nice pub, we would walk but the towpath is a quagmire and Elaine has her best frock on!

We are booked to go on the Montgomery Canal   tomorrow.

Life is very very good....even with the crap weather!    


  1. With your love of eating out, you'd probably have discovered this one anyway, but we can strongly recommend The Navigation at Maesbury Marsh, which is at the current end of the Montgomery. Excellent food, nice atmosphere, dogs are allowed in the bar, and if you end up eating in the bar area you can choose from the restaurant menu too. Opening times are a bit strange, though, so check here:

  2. Thanks Adam 100% we will be there.