Monday, July 23, 2012

Chester still in the SUN!

We left Beeston this morning after the usual doggie walking around the fields, before I forget,  thanks John (NB Triskaideka) for leaving the note re the sparky. I would also like to say what a fantastic boat they have it is a real credit to them....... its so bloody shiny!

Elaine and Liam walked a bit of the way through some overgrown towpath. We moored up at Christleton  outside a pub and caught the park-n-drive bus into the centre of Chester, (Thanks again John)

Overgrown towpath, dogs are there somewhere
 We walked down to to the basin first to check it out for tomorrow.
 Now I know Doug and James from NB Chance haven't been on their boat for a while, but they really have let it go! 

Get the T Cut out boys
 Next we walked around the Roman - Medieval wall. 

It is such a fantastic walk

Once again another great day walking

We both feel so lucky and privileged that we have been able to come back to the UK and travel around oh so slowly and experience such a wide range of different sights.
All these photos were taken on or from the wall.

Really grotty looking units overlooking the river dee weir

A great view of Chester racecourse from the wall

You get a better view from the wall than the grandstand 

It was another hot day so poor old Bombo started to wilt, we had to carry the poor little man towards the end. We have been trying to find a groomer to give him a good short cut, but they are all booked up for weeks ahead.

We finished up in a very nice pub in the middle of the city, Blogger seems to have eaten the pic.
When we got back to the boat, Elaines bro Trevor had paid us a surprise visit, he was bearing yet more gifts for Elaine (On-line shopping)
By now it was getting late so as we were right outside a pub it was a matter of  lets have dinner in the pub.

That was pub of the day but I cant remember its name and I am really tired
Good night x


  1. Hi Paul and Elaine, you've rumbled us! Chance isn't looking so good these days! I will get James out with the polish immediately! Hope to meet up with you guys soon. Doug and James

  2. Doug, I bet he has already polished it! You have been there more than an hour, bet Chance is washed and polished already! Lovely to meet you Paul, must see Elaine next time!

    Enjoy Chester and Ellesmere Port!

  3. We purchased a dog grooming kit from LIDL, (£15) now we do it ourselves. Came with an instructional cd. But our two Fox Terrier's love a short back and sides in the hot weather. They only get a breed trim in the spring.

    Take care
    Mick n Mags