Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Back on the M1

Well that's what it felt like getting back on the Llangollen after 4 days on the Monty. We had dinner the night before at the Queens Head which is in Queens Head, very very nice.
When we got going I did a few of the locks single handed, to hone my skills in case er-indoors gets crook, not sure what happens if I get crook? It went quite well, but then again the Monty is a good place to practice.


Pic of the boys because they look cute aaahhhhhhh
Buzzed by the helicopter again, by the time we get the camera ready he is climbing away rapidly, there must be a navy training place around here somewhere. 

Bombo getting bored, Elaine jumped off and walked them for a few miles that soon settled them.

We met this bunch on a hire boat in front of us, there were 12 of them, they seemed like some sort of cult, they were certainly away with the fairies thats for sure.

The leader, (bloke with no shirt on) had a garland of flowers around his head, they were harmless, but very self absorbed, a poor old chap came down the locks on his own, plus he had a very dodgy leg, not one of them helped him apart from when he dropped his walking stick they threw it back on the boat!  

We helped the old boy down, Elaine also helped some New Yorkers on their first lock, this is the same girl that 4 months ago said "I dont think I will be able to work out the locks" She in now Lock Queen! She spends more time helping other people.....but then again she is like that with everything.   

We passed through Ellesmere, it was pretty quiet.   

Passed many geese at one of the meres. 

We moored for the night near Bettisfield, no where near a pub for a change!

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  1. Hi Both

    The helicopters are probably from RAF Shawbury, home of the Defence Helicopter Flying School. It' near Shrewsbury and they fly all over that area.

    Roger (NB Windsong)

  2. Although from the other pics of helicopters you posted I noticed its colour scheme was black with a yellow top. These are the cops, and that is a universal colour for them country wide. Paramedics use either all yellow or all red. You will often be woken in the night by the loud noise of a low flying helicopter as they are used to track criminals over the fields with their thermal imaging equipment.

    1. It flew over this morning, I checked with the binoculars, it is a Squirrel belonging to the RAF helicopter flying school. It is dark blue with a yellow top.